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When you're new to selling, buyer payments aren't made available to you until we confirm that the sale has been successfully completed. Although the payment won't show up immediately in your PayPal account, you can always find the current payment status in your eBay account.

Where a payment is held, generally it will be available to you three days after we confirm the order was delivered, if you uploaded tracking. If you haven't added tracking details, your payments will be available:

  • Seven days after your latest estimated delivery date, or
  • 21 days after your buyer pays

As long as you've maintained an Above Standard rating, buyer payments will become available to you immediately when:

  • It's been 90 days since your first successful sale
  • You've had 25 or more sales
  • You've had more than $250 in total sales

Note: If a buyer reports a problem with a sale or an item, funds relating to the sale may be put on hold until the case is resolved.

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