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Each month, eBay gives sellers a certain number of free listings, available in most categories. How many listings and whether these are auction-style or fixed price depends on whether you have an eBay Store. Sellers can add up to 12 photos per free listing, which includes the use of zoom and enlarge features.

While we don't charge an insertion fee, other fees may apply for:

  • Listing upgrades
  • Listing in two categories
  • Final value fees

Fee typeIs it free?
Insertion fee Yes. We waive insertion fees for free listings in most categories.
Listing upgrades No. Fees for selecting optional advanced listing upgrades, such as Subtitle, still apply in a free listing.
Listing in two categories No. When you use a free listing, we charge a fee for listing the item in more than one category.
Final value fee No. We never waive the final value fee for any sold item, regardless of whether it was a free listing or not. 

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