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If an item's postage cost seems excessive, try to find a better deal. You can also check postal carriers' websites to research postage rates. It's against our policy to have unreasonable postage charges in a listing, or to provide unclear or misleading postage information.

Sellers are allowed to:

  • Charge actual postage costs
  • Include the cost of packaging materials, insurance and delivery
  • Include delivery confirmation or extra services in the handling cost

Sellers aren't allowed to:

  • Charge a separate fee for insurance
  • Charge for business-related fees such as employee wages or mileage
  • Include contradictory or confusing postage terms in your listing

When buying through the Global Shipping Program, remember that:

  • A seller only has control over the domestic postage cost; the cost of international delivery and import fees is determined by the Global Shipping Centre.
  • All costs are paid for at the time of purchase; no payment is needed upon delivery.

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