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If a buyer didn't pay for an item, you may be eligible for a final value fee credit, an insertion fee credit, or both. 

Insertion fee credit

Normally, insertion fees aren't refundable. However, you might qualify for an insertion fee credit if you relist the item after the unpaid item case was closed and the relisted item sells.

You'll be charged an insertion fee for relisting, but once the item sells, that insertion fee will be automatically credited to your account.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If the item doesn't sell after you've relisted it, you won't receive any insertion fee credits.
  • If you added listing upgrades to your original listing, you'll be charged for those upgrades again when you relist. (You can avoid upgrade fees by removing the optional upgrades.)
Final value fee credit

To request a final value fee credit, you'll need to cancel the sale or report the unpaid item.

If you no longer want to go through with the sale or the buyer has asked you to cancel the order, select Cancel a sale. The buyer has 10 days to respond. If they don't respond within this period, the case will close automatically and the final value fee will be credited to your account.

If you think a buyer forgot to pay, or doesn't intend to pay for the item, select Report an unpaid item to open a case. You can open an unpaid item case four days after the listing has ended, up to a maximum of 32 days. The buyer has four days to respond or pay for the item. On the fifth day, you can close the case, and an unpaid item will be recorded on the buyer's account. The final value fee will be credited to your account automatically, and you can relist the item.

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